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The first Saint in history has perished. King Tolvin the Fair along with him; Both murdered by the king’s Archmage CASSIUS, now known as SANCTICIDE. Saint Killer.


Cassius the Sancticide has declared war on the gods. His army is made of mages, both willing and unwilling, bound into service by their True Names. Armed with the knowledge of how to kill Saints, he searches for a spell to bring the same fate to the Gods. To let Arcane magic reign supreme.


Veskin, the capital, is lost. The Churches have mobilized for war. The Kingdom of Ardenia is in disarray. Already the forests have begun to claim the roads and towns. Law has fallen into the hands of roving thugs; Witch Hunters sanctioned by the Church to find, try, and kill all unsanctioned mages.


The King’s Peace died with him. War is here. Chaos encroaches.

Home Page

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